• Belt Style Parts Washing System
  • Rotary Style Parts Washing System
  • Dip Style Parts Washing System
  • Cabinet Style Parts Washing System
  • Monorail Style Parts Washing System


There Is A Difference.

Walsh Manufacturing has helped define the Parts Washing Equipment Industry. Along with innovative thinking, our personalized approach to engineering and design helps customers worldwide solve parts cleaning problems. Our standards: Superior quality. Excellent performance. Long service life. Unmatched technical support. Our Promise: Our work will always exceed your expectations.

Machine Design and Metal Fabrication Experts.

Walsh is a reliable diversified supplier with innovative ideas and competitive pricing. Your project is designed, fabricated and tested all within our facility. We take personal pride in everything we do, whether it's a small fabrication job or a large sophisticated piece of equipment.

Walsh Solutions For A Variety Of Industries.

Our diverse experience, knowledge and engineering skills allows us to solve problems for a variety of industries. We can develop innovative equipment solutions that can help increase production, reduce maintenance problems and improve an operation's work performance.