Parts Washing Systems

All Walsh part washers are built on a customer to customer basis. Before any design takes place, we listen to your needs and then determine the type of washer your operation will require. We then design and fabricate exactly what you need, from a small, single stage unit to a large, complex system. We do not build “stock” washers, that even when altered, may not fit properly into your operation. Walsh parts washers seamlessly integrate with your existing system resulting in a properly functioning, efficient and long lasting unit. Our parts washers are also designed to reduce residue build-up for less maintenance and contain features for easier clean-out.

Parts Washers Applications

Parts washers fall into many categories such as degreasing, metal finishing, parts cleaning, metal washing, industrial washing machines. Walsh has designed and built washers for hundreds of applications including:

  • Tubular steel parts, both inside and outside applying pressure and vacuum to clean and dry the tubes
  • Engine blocks, manifolds, and transmission housings utilizing cabinet machine washers
  • Piston ring manufacturers, both rotary drum and cabinet style washers
  • Spark plug manufacturers, both rotary drum and belt style washers
  • Stamping industry press parts and central units
  • Automotive spindles and wheel assembly hubs
  • Water and fuel pumps
Parts Washers Designs

Final InstallationWalsh is very system oriented. Our washers are designed and built entirely within our own facility with standard premium components to meet the requirements of our customers. We rely on our 40 plus years of experience and hundreds of Walsh designs to produce just the right system for our customer’s need.

Our Parts Washers are designed with key application and functionality attributes which include:

  • Walsh “walking beam” style washers used to clean and position parts in various zones without solution transfer from tank to tank
  • Walsh “chain on edge” style washers as well as incorporation “power and free” conveyors and parts pallets
  • Various fuel types for heating such as natural gas, propane, electric immersion, steam, and hot water
  • High pressure cleaning to remove loose chips or heavy lubricants
  • Single to multi-stage ranges to clean, rust inhibit, or phosphate
  • Automatic loading and unloading equipment
  • Conveyor style parts washing systems for moving parts through a cleaning process

Walsh can also provide components or rebuild to retrofit existing equipment such as marine style clean out doors, auto fill systems, new heating coils, or updated electrical equipment.

Our electrical systems including the equipment wiring is designed and built to the highest standards of the leading manufacturers. We utilize relay logic as well as PLC controls and operator friendly systems, whichever is the most economical and practical.