• Fastener Industry

    We built our first parts washer in 1964 for a large fastener company to replace the washer that accompanied their new bolt maker they purchased. The customer asked us to design a smaller, more efficient unit. Upon installation of the new washer, the manufacturer of the bolt maker liked our design so much that they recommended us too many of their other customers. In addition to parts washers, we have become an integral supplier to the fastener industry with our innovative furnace feeding systems, packaging equipment, feed hoppers, and much more.

  • Stamping Industry

    We design our parts washers around each customer. We pay close attention to the particular parts you want washed and develop the best, most economical way to clean those parts using efficient burners, recirculation of the drying heat and intermediate blow-off between zones, minimizing solution carry-over.
    We have been helping our stamping customers maintain a competitive advantage by designing and building sub-assembly systems. Some of the systems we have built are used to assemble wheel lug nuts, radiator components, door hinges and much more.

  • Die Casting Industry

    The Die Casting and Powdered Metals industry have very specific cleaning requirements. The parts range in both size and intricacy, with often times many cavities and blind holes must be cleaned. Our equipment utilizes both the “walking beam” and the “power and free” method of parts transfer to assure the most accurate positioning of the parts for cleaning, inspection and reliability.

  • Automotive Industry

    We have worked directly with the automotive companies as well as with their tier one and tier two suppliers to clean parts ranging all the way from small spark plugs to large engine blocks. We have dozens of our washers in automotive companies throughout the world. In addition to new washers, we have rebuilt many washers to conform to current specifications relative to production, safety and conservation.

  • Consumer Products Industry

    A national manufacturer of tape and adhesive products contracted us to rebuild a paper conversion machine. This rebuild saves them10’s of thousands of dollars over purchasing a new machine and was completed in less time than it would have taken to build a new machine. This rebuild included new computerized controls with an operator interface. We have built high speed battery labeling and inspection equipment, which produced 500 batteries per minute. In addition to that, we have worked from prototype to production machinery with several companies.

  • Municipalities

    Our service and fabrication division has worked with various municipalities as well as construction companies to fabricate new components for road equipment including packer trucks, leaf sweepers and dump trucks. We have furnished man replacement parts for high speed transit cars as well as local busses.