Die Casting Industry

The Die Casting and Powdered Metals industries are well aware of the importance of thorough parts cleaning. Both the size and the intricacy of the pieces demand very specific cleaning requirements. At Walsh Manufacturing we not only clean the parts that are produced but also design equipment to clean the molds themselves. Because of the complexity of the parts involved, this cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach.

Custom fabrication for the cleaning of Die Cast and Powdered Materials starts with a one-on-one consultation between the customer and the engineer department at Walsh Manufacturing. Not only are we concerned with the cleaning aspect but material handling of delicate and or extremely heavy parts play an important part in the type of equipment.

The casting industry as with all of our customers require individual material handling through the washing process. We employ techniques such as “Walking Beam” and “Power and Free Conveyors” that minimize the carryover from tank to tank in specific and allow us to customize the material handling portion of the cleaning process. The method of parts transfer through the cleaning relates to the size and shape of the parts, thus from the smallest to the largest, heavy parts, we have a solution.

Every project at Walsh Manufacturing begins by clarifying the problem that needs to be solved. This means that you’ll receive a custom solution for your unique die casting needs without the custom cost. We do this by incorporating and integrating existing off-the-shelf components along with specially designed Walsh equipment to solve any cleaning and handling issues.