• Belt Style Parts Washing System
  • Rotary Style Parts Washing System
  • Dip Style Parts Washing System
  • Cabinet Style Parts Washing System
  • Monorail Style Parts Washing System


There Is A Difference.

Walsh Manufacturing has helped define the Parts Washing Equipment Industry. Along with innovative thinking, our personalized approach to engineering and design helps customers worldwide solve parts cleaning problems. Our standards: Superior quality. Excellent performance. Long service life. Unmatched technical support. Our Promise: Our work will always exceed your expectations.

Explore Our Parts Washing Systems Capabilities

Every part cleaning system manufactured by Walsh is created to solve a specific customer's need to wash, degrease or otherwise prepare their specific parts. Before recommending a specific solution, we listen to your needs and then help you determine the type of parts washer your operation will require. Our washers are designed and built entirely within our own facility using standard premium components to meet the requirements of our customers. Our customers rely on our 40 plus years of experience and hundreds of Walsh designs to produce just the right system for their needs.