Dip Style Parts Washing System

A dip style parts cleaning system consists of an open tank or series of open tanks into which parts are immersed. Dip parts washers customized designs most frequently feature a multiple tank configuration. Multiple tank parts washing can be limited to simply a small wash and rinse set-up or may be constructed to carry parts through as many stages and tanks as required for a more exacting cleaning and metal preparation process.

There are many ways of presenting the parts to the dip tanks. One method is having an elevating device mounted outside the tank(s) with a platform attached which can be lowered and raised into the tank(s). The vertical motion can be designed to perform an agitation which will assist in cleaning the parts.

Another method uses rotational barrels into which the parts are placed. An overhead rail system, either powered or manual, transfers the barrel from station to station.

The size of the immersion tank for dip washers is unlimited. We have designed systems for small delicate parts to large 10’ x 10’ panels. The tanks can be equipped with pumps and filters to circulate the solutions. Heating of the tanks can be accomplished using electric, gas or steam.

We can provide a complete part cleaning package including the tanks, the material handling system and even the operators’ platforms for easy access to the process. The tanks can be open or equipped with self-closing lids with safety measures to prevent operator injury. Exhaust systems, if required, are part of the overall system design.

All of our parts washers may be equipped with standard components which simplify operation and maintenance. Examples are our oversized Marine Style tank clean out doors in the reservoirs. Quick disconnect headers and spray nozzles with clip on holders are part of each washer.

Our philosophy is to make cleaning parts a part of your operation. By understanding the needs of your maintenance department, production department and your controls requirements, we assure that our equipment will be readily accepted even before it goes into production. Our management and our engineering will work with you through every step of the project. We realize that only you know your product, which is the most important part of every washer we build.

We have over 50 years in the design and manufacture of parts cleaning systems. We utilize the experience we have gained in those years to provide you with a product that is tuned to your needs. You do not have to settle for an off the shelf unit which you have to adapt to your parts. Our “Custom” design is yours without the custom cost.

Let us hear from you today. We offer consultation on a no cost basis.