Waterjet Cutting

In a challenging and evolving global marketplace, Walsh Manufacturing can maximize your operations with our advanced abrasive waterjet technology. The OMAX abrasive waterjet machining offers high-accuracy and fast cutting for the most challenging applications.

Walsh Manufacturing’s waterjet cutting capacity includes hardened tool steel, aluminum and titanium, in addition to exotics such as carbon fiber, ceramic, nickel alloys and composites. The state-of-the-art technology offers precision ±0.025 and the ability to hold dimensions closer than ±0.005. Cold-cutting also eliminates thermal stress in the material, preventing the warping and hardening created by conventional cutting processes.

Perfect for use with architectural materials including granite, glass, marble, stone, and tile, the OMAX machine offers incredible cutting speeds for simple and complex shapes of virtually any material or thickness, up to 72″ x 120″ and exceeding 3″ in thickness. Use of close-part nesting helps to maximize yield as well as reduce scrap, and processing is fast with production from .DXF files, CAD files, or scanned images. That means with a Walsh OMAX waterjet cutting application you’ll have quick turnaround with a minimum of set-up, allowing you to quickly switch from prototyping to full-scale production without the need for secondary operations. That means lower lead times and production costs.

At Walsh Manufacturing we have dedicated the last fifty years to providing the highest-quality, most cost-effective solution for all of your fabricating and machining needs. Call to us to discuss your cutting specifications and we’ll provide you with a quote. When you work with Walsh you’ll always receive a quality product and unrivaled support for the lifetime of your product.