Stamping Industry

The stamping industry has evolved from individual punch presses with singular dies to very large, high-speed presses with progressive tooling. These presses produce parts as intricate as a miniature light bulb sockets to a complete automotive panel. Obviously with this diversity of parts it seems futile to expect a single cleaning system to serve all purposes. At Walsh Manufacturing we believe that there’s no such thing as an “off-the-shelf” built washer. That means there may be standardization but definitely no standard solutions.

In a business this evolutionary and complex, the washing of parts requires specific emphasis on part configuration, production rates, and finish. Processes this critical demand a problem-solving approach. Walsh Manufacturing always begins each new project by working directly with the customer to evaluate the end result requirement. Once it is determined, we begin designing around that goal. Industry expertise at Walsh Manufacturing ranges from the simplest single belt style to intricate equipment requiring the most sophisticated parts handling through a multi-stage cleaning process. The number of stages will also determine the condition of the part for the next process, whether that is assembly, welding, or painting.

Customized Solutions

Because every parts washer is developed around the specific needs of the customer, our in-house staff pay special attention to the particular parts that need to be cleaned. We determine the best, and most economical, way to clean the parts. The method may be continuous conveyor, rotary drum, and individual cabinet or custom machines with unique material handling.

Our staff is always in communication with the customer for critical feedback and testing throughout the entire quoting and proposal process. We believe this one-on-one approach ensures that all criteria is met and nothing for the new design is missed. Walsh Manufacturing prides itself on custom solutions designed around the specific requirements of the part. As a customer, that means each equipment solution is unique to you. In order to keep costs reasonable, we use standard items, which means custom solutions, minus the custom price. All of our manuals state the component manufacturer and the parts number, cutting down on the price of replacement parts. Custom solutions for the design and construction of sub-assembly systems allow our Stamping Industry customers to maintain a competitive edge over the competition.