Fastener Industry

For more than five decades, Walsh Manufacturing has been an integral partner to a countless number of fastener manufacturers throughout the United States. This industry covers a wide range of applications including large bolts, nails, washers, rivets, as well as non-metallic devices for joining parts – all with varying sizes, configurations and methods of production.

Each project at Walsh Manufacturing is designed to be unique to the particular company it services. We have developed parts washers, material handling, inspection, sorting equipment, and “soft handling” methods designed to minimize the industry’s most common issues such as nicked threads and damaged parts as a result of part-on-part contact.

Methodical Approach

Because no project is ever the same, we approach each requirement by first determining the particular problem before applying our manufacturing expertise to the situation. This systematic approach has been in place since we were chosen over 50 years ago by a large fastener company to evaluate their manufacturing techniques. The first task was to clean bolts as they were automatically discharged from a high speed bolt maker. We designed a washer that was so successful that the manufacturer of the Bolt Making equipment recommended us to their future customers. Our parts washers utilize different methods depending on the part in order to assure thorough cleaning, maximum output, and optimum results for each part. The combination of manufacturing knowledge, innovative problem solving and custom solutions allows Walsh Manufacturing to be an integral partner to customers involved in every aspect of the fastener industry.  From the introduction to our first parts washer, we evolved into a major supplier of ancillary equipment such as, but not limited to, Quench Systems, Packaging equipment, Conveyors and Furnace feeding systems.