Automotive Industry

Anyone who has gone without a vehicle even for a short amount of time knows the importance of a dependable automobile, but reliability begins long before a vehicle is purchased. For more than fifty years, Walsh Manufacturing has supplied industrial parts washing equipment directly to the automobile industry as well as to the industry’s tier one and tier two partners.

Over the years, we have designed equipment to clean tubular steel parts used in transmissions and fuel rails as well as large exhaust systems and hydro formed frame components. Our parts washer solutions range big to small, from spark plugs to engine blocks. We’ve created washers for special material handling equipment for critical components such as hydraulic brake manifolds and fuel pump housings.

Continued Service

Throughout the last five decades, Walsh Manufacturing has placed dozens of our custom-built washers into automotive companies located throughout the world. Once a Walsh Manufacturing parts washer is installed, we continue to work with the company to retrofit the machines to meet the latest industry standards in order to conform to current specification relating to production, safety, and conservation. This one-on-one approach assures that we always remain focused on you, the customer, and the desire to solve all manufacturing issues.