Consumer Products Industry

Do you have a perplexing problem that demands a custom solution? Walsh Manufacturing has worked with companies within the consumer products industry to create innovative solutions. Some of these projects include the design and construction of equipment for temperature regulation in lip balm products, sealing equipment for spices, and rebuilding a paper conversion machine for a national manufacturer of tape and adhesive products.

At Walsh Manufacturing there is no typical customer nor is there a typical solution. When you work with our manufacturing experts, you’re partnering with a team of problem solvers. Everything we do is based on the needs and demand of the customers. That means you’ll always receive a one-on-one approach to problem solving that revolves around a design customized for your individual need(s).

The problem-solving manufacturers at Walsh Manufacturing are always on the outlook for a new matter to solve. We guarantee that when you work with Walsh the emphasis is on your product with a solution to achieve the results which you expect.

Custom Consumer Product Industry Applications

  • High-speed battery labeling and inspection equipment producing 500 batteries per minute
  • Battery packaging solutions from prototype to production machinery
  • Design of a more efficient and ergonomic packaging system for cotton swabs
  • Creation of a machine to test the fatigue factor in cross bows
  • Washers for the manufacturing of pots, pans, and utensils for food preparation
  • Paint applications to test panels and final coatings
  • Cleaning, handling, and processing of faucet components, brass valves, and fittings