Over the past fifty years, Walsh Manufacturing has partnered with a number of municipalities and construction companies. Each of these customers brought with them a unique problem to be solved. With projects of this magnitude, each has the potential to affect a large number of individuals within a civic area. This is why we begin each project with a thorough investigation of the wants and needs of all of the stakeholders involved.

At a local level, Walsh Manufacturing has reverse engineered and fabricated components and replacement parts for buses, rapid transit cars, and service vehicles used for public transportation. Our work can be also be found in the form of components for road equipment including packer trucks, leaf sweepers, dump trucks, and in special vehicles used by members of the media and safety forces.

Lifelong Customers

Throughout the process of research, prototyping, and design, our staff remains in constant communication with the client in order to receive the necessary feedback throughout the discovery and testing process. We believe this approach is the best way to ensure that a custom design will benefit the customer for years to come. For our municipality customers, this means that each component solution is unique to the need. In order to keep costs reasonable, we use standard items. That means a custom solution without the custom price.