The Benefits of 50 Years of Metal Fabrication

The art of metal fabrication is a transformative act enabling the construction of machines and structures designed for the cutting, bending and assembling of metal structures. Fifty years ago, Walsh Manufacturing opened shop in Cleveland, Ohio, with a goal to meet the metal fabrication needs of customers local, national and international. Today, Walsh Manufacturing maintains a reputation as a one-stop source for competitive prices and innovative ideas in metal fabrication. Walsh supplies phases of mild and stainless steel manufacturing, working with a variety of densities from light sheet metal to medium heavy plate. The family-owned business includes a reliable staff of metalworking specialists, mechanical engineers and computer control specialists.

Update or Create Something New

What makes metal fabrication unique at Walsh Manufacturing is the inclusion of the customer throughout each step of the fabrication process. This mindset intuits the best solution(s) results from the input of professionals with years of problem-solving experience. This collective of employees possesses years of experience and extensive knowledge of material handling and automated equipment. Even before generating the first CAD blueprints, the experienced engineers and metal fabrication workers at Walsh will sit down to consider the unique customer need of the specific application. Only after gaining a true picture of what kind of metal fabrication solution is required will the next step of operations proceed. This value-added process allows Walsh Manufacturing to create the most cost-effective and reliable approach for our customers.

Natural Integration, Keeping Things In-House

One of the many benefits of fifty-plus years of problem-solving experience in metal fabrication is the entire custom design and build process occurs in our Cleveland, Ohio location. This continuous process allows us to avoid a piecemeal approach that could leave out essential elements of a customer’s design. For our clients this means the Walsh employees who create the original CAD blueprint designs will work directly with those tasked with building the custom model or updating an existing assembly. Everyone involved is on hand to answer any questions or concerns throughout the process.

The level of accountability described above also carries into the creation of the parts manual and subsequent customer service during and after completion of the project. Once the metal fabrication project is completed, our customer will have a custom design that fits the space and operation with reduced cost of operations and less time spent on assembly. All metal fabrication projects produced by Walsh Manufacturing include our pledge for continuing and responsive customer service long after the sale. Metal fabrication support from Walsh Manufacturing is just a phone call away.

Walsh Manufacturing Metal Fabrication Applications

  • Duplication and replacement parts
  • Engineered projects and products
  • Light structural
  • Machined and machining parts
  • Plate and weldments

About Walsh Manufacturing
Walsh Manufacturing is a Cleveland, Ohio-based manufacturing company with five decades of experience in machine design and metal fabrication. Over this time, we’ve built a reputation as a diversified manufacturer of machined components, subassemblies, alloy material, fabricated steel and machinery. If you’re looking for a cost-competitive, innovative, and reliable supplier with expertise in Parts Washing Systems, Automation Equipment, Metal Fabrication and Machinery Rebuilding, look no farther than Walsh Manufacturing.