The Importance of Working with Experienced Metal Fabricators

There’s an ongoing issue in the industry that no one knows quite how to solve yet. Throughout the manufacturing field there’s a gap between the jobs manufacturers need to fill and finding people with the pertinent skills or with the desire for skilled training. This is particularly true in the area of metal fabrication. The shortage does nothing to lessen the importance of the role of the fab shop and the relatable skills and abilities needed to meet these needs. In fact, one could argue the need for quality metal fabrication is in even more demand than ever.

Starting from Scratch

One of the benefits of working with a metal fabrication expert is the ability to construct machines and structures from raw materials. Rather than searching for individual vendors to execute services at various stages in the process, a well-versed metal fabricator has the ability to offer multiple services and benefits in one place. These can include punching, forging, welding, shearing, drawing and spinning. The combination of these abilities are a cornerstone of the metal fabrication services offered by Walsh Manufacturing for the last five decades and counting. Walsh offers custom phases of mild and stainless steel manufacturing using light sheet to medium-heavy plate.

A Cohesive Approach

The previously mentioned labor shortage has many throughout the industry debating the best ways to train the next generation of metal fabricators. Is this an opportunity to create an apprenticeship-like program where a new generation works with veterans of the craft or is this a time for the industry to embrace an entirely new approach? While continued innovation is always an important element, Walsh Manufacturing prefers to look at metal fabrication from the benefits of a team approach. Our family-owned business incorporates multiple viewpoints, experience and skills in the process through a team-based approach. This means metalworking specialists, mechanical engineers and computer control specialists will are all included in a metal fabrication project. This collaboration starts early in the process in order to provide Walsh’s customers with the broadest knowledge base and problem solving for their unique issue(s). Only after looking at the issue from multiple viewpoints will Walsh put forth a solution.

Walsh Manufacturing Metal Fabrication Offerings

  • Plate and weldments
  • Replacement and duplicate parts
  • Machined and machining parts
  • Light structural
  • Engineered projects and products

Value-Added Metal Fabrication Processing

With more than fifty years of service to the industry, the employees at Walsh Manufacturing bring a storehouse of ready solutions for quality fabrication and specialty components for customers in Cleveland, Ohio, and throughout the nation. The problem-solving process employed by Walsh considers the use of the structure today as well as its evolution in the coming years. Part of this forward-looking process includes producing structures with standard components whenever possible. This means repairs and refurbishment is always easier, and there’s never an extended wait for a special part to be shipped from a far-away place. In addition to this, Walsh Manufacturing also institutes cradle-to-grave record keeping, and technical support continues far beyond the transaction of the sale. This is our continuing pledge to you.