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Water Jet Cutting: The Benefits of Innovation

From the workplace to our homes and even our cars there’s an ever-growing desire for things to be quicker and more efficient than before. Depending on the industry you’re talking about, this could be as simple as a faucet supplying water at already boiling temperatures or a Bluetooth-enabled feature in the car that makes hands-free calls through voice recognition.

Those are just a sampling of the innovations available today. It’s incredible, especially when you consider that this level of innovation is around us all the time. Plus, how many of us could foresee so many of these innovations becoming ubiquitous in such a short time? While this is an incredibly exciting time to live in, it does set up an entirely different set of expectations. In short, every innovation needs to occur faster and cheaper than it happened before. Some might even argue this need for speed is now embedded in our DNA. Continue Reading »