The Benefits of Municipal Collaboration

Each day we see that the world is a little smaller than we once thought. This is evident in the technologies that we use and in the increasing collaborations between industries. While this sense of community has always found favor among smaller businesses that relied on each other, larger businesses often chose to adopt a more silo-ed approach. Some of this mentality is changing as the spotlight on entrepreneurism continues to grow. Inherent in the success of many startups is the foundation of collaborations among individuals inside and outside the industry. Because of this, the measure of achievement becomes more about the generation of good ideas and the application of associated learnings. Also inherent in this is an openness and willingness to accept and learn from failures along the path to success.

Building Partnerships

Key concepts such as entrepreneurialism and design thinking encourage other businesses and employees to be more open to ideas originating in other industries. One shining example of this is the application of Toyota’s successful lean manufacturing initiative and Six-Sigma. These trouble-shooting initiatives continue to help manufacturers thrive in a world that shows no sign of slowing. Off-shoots of the Lean initiative find applications in a number of industries, some far removed from the original roots of car manufacturing. One popular off-shoot of Toyota’s lean manufacturing initiative is Eric Ries’ Lean Startup method.

Teaming up with Municipalities

Openness to a new level of collaboration is also occurring among manufacturers and construction companies and municipalities. The common denominator among all involved is the need to solve a unique problem. Another consideration in such collaborations is the sheer number of people potentially affected by a change within the civic area. Because of these important variables, Walsh Manufacturing always begins a municipalities-related collaboration such as this with a complete investigation of the wants and needs of all involved. Previous examples of Walsh Manufacturing’s work includes the reverse engineering and fabrication of replacement parts and components used in service vehicles, rapid transit cars, and buses for public transportation. Other jobs include creating components for use in municipal road equipment such as leaf sweepers, dump trucks, packer trucks and in specialty vehicles used to carry safety officials and member of the media.

Standardization of Processes

  • Research
  • Prototyping
  • Design
  • Communication
  • Feedback
  • Discovery
  • Testing

Custom Solutions

Because of the sheer number of shareholders involved in each municipal and construction project, it’s critical that each meet the needs of all concerned. This is why the research and feedback process remains an integral component of each project. Through the use of standard items, we can eliminate unnecessary expense. Customers who work with Walsh Manufacturing understand the guarantee of a custom design using standardized components that will uniquely suit and benefit the municipality for years to come.

About Walsh Manufacturing

Walsh Manufacturing is a Cleveland, Ohio-based manufacturing company with five decades of experience in machine design and metal fabrication. Over this time, we’ve built a reputation as a diversified manufacturer of machined components, subassemblies, alloy material, fabricated steel and machinery. If you’re looking for a cost-competitive, innovative, and reliable supplier with expertise in Parts Washing Systems, Automation Equipment, Metal Fabrication and Machinery Rebuilding, look no farther than Walsh Manufacturing.