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Walsh Systems for the Die Cast Industry

Industrial parts washers are an integral part of almost every manufacturing process. Whether the parts or assemblies are metal or other materials they have to be cleaned to meet the customer’s approval. That customer may be the next operation in the manufacturing process or the assembly of a finished goods. The washing is usually preceded by a previous operation or operations and requires part handling after the cleaning. Thus material handling is a significant part of the process.

Many companies offer parts washing equipment but few are involved in the total system. We at Walsh Manufacturing have been in the business of handling the entire scope of the process from conception to design to manufacture. Continue Reading »

The History and Innovation of Die Casting

Die casting is integral part of so many applications that it would be difficult to imagine manufacturing without its use. Despite its prevalence today, the process of forcing molten metal into mold cavities at high pressure didn’t come into use until the early 1800s. At that time, die casting was primarily used as a way to cast print type. These individual letters were used in the early printing presses. If you can, imagine the work that would be entailed not only in creating individual type pieces but also in assembling an entire pamphlet, flyer or newspaper with individually cast letters.

Die Casting goes Mainstream

The first patent for die casting was awarded in 1849 for a manually operated print type machine. For the next twenty years, print remained the main use for die casting. Perhaps it was the flourishing of ideas that accompanied the printing press that eventually encouraged the use of die casting for other machinery elements. In 1892, die cast elements become common in commercial applications for music, banking and commerce as well as for the mass production of individual parts. Continue Reading »