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Walsh Systems for the Die Cast Industry

Industrial parts washers are an integral part of almost every manufacturing process. Whether the parts or assemblies are metal or other materials they have to be cleaned to meet the customer’s approval. That customer may be the next operation in the manufacturing process or the assembly of a finished goods. The washing is usually preceded by a previous operation or operations and requires part handling after the cleaning. Thus material handling is a significant part of the process.

Many companies offer parts washing equipment but few are involved in the total system. We at Walsh Manufacturing have been in the business of handling the entire scope of the process from conception to design to manufacture.

Mold Cleaning: In order to assure a faultless cast part, the mold must be clean on the inside. Current methods include water, compressed air, vacuum and a combination of these. We have designed and built mold cleaning for items weighing in excess of 450 pounds. Our cleaning techniques include any of the prementioned methods as well as addition of die checking for cracks in the mold. We go a step beyond, our mold cleaning equipment includes the handling of the molds to minimize operator error. The control packages which we offer can be based on recipes and also correlate with bar coding. All of our material handling and mold wash equipment utilize our “soft handling” systems.

Cast Parts: After the parts are cast, they go through many processes which may include grinding of the flash, machining, and deburring. After any of these operations, the parts must be cleaned of residual grit, coolant or other impurities. The cast parts may be simple one dimension or very intricate containing cavities, blind holes and other hard to clean areas. We have designed and built washers to clean the most difficult part employing engineered fixtures, power and free conveyors, movable nozzles and other part specific components. The washers are very user friendly and allow sufficient access to areas which may require change over to accommodate different parts. We incorporate other components such as vision systems to assure total quality after the cleaning process. We can also provide equipment for the automatic assembly of components or packaging systems.