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Progress Fueled through a Spirit of Innovation

Do a quick search for manufacturing news and you’ll quickly see that collaborations and partnerships are professed to be the newest initiatives in manufacturing, particularly for small to midsized businesses. While few would doubt this to be true, it seems almost common sense to think that more can be accomplished when the initiative or project is built on a platform of collaboration.

For smaller manufacturers this can be particularly important, especially when first starting out. With more than fifty years in metal fabrication and machine design, Walsh Manufacturing, a family-owned company, knows first-hand just how important collaboration can be. One example can be found in our successful partnerships with a number of municipalities and construction companies.

Part of the Community

Working at a local level for state governments, Walsh Manufacturing had the opportunity to make a positive impact by improving a number of things impacting public transportation. These endeavors included the reverse engineering and fabrication of components and replacement parts used in rapid transit cars, buses, and service vehicles for public transportation. Walsh also provided a range of components for road equipment such as leaf sweepers, packer trucks, dump trucks and vehicles used for law and safety enforcement.

Each of these municipal partnerships are built on an approach that ensures a unique design that will benefit the customer both immediately and in the future. As a result, each product addresses expectations for the long-run with initial-stage research, prototyping and feedback designed to ensure the custom solution remains applicable no matter what changes or challenges are presented.

A Standardized Approach to Custom

The word custom immediately brings to mind a measure of exclusivity and expense, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Each custom solution from Walsh Manufacturing is built around the use of standard items. This helps lower costs and ensures that repair and maintenance are free of hassle. When you work with the manufacturers at Walsh you’ll have the benefits of more than five decades of knowledge, experience and engineering skills.

Industries Served by Walsh Manufacturing

Fastener Industry: offering packaging equipment, feed hoppers, furnace feeding systems

Stamping Industry: creating solutions for cleaning using burners, recirculating heat, immediate blow-off and minimized solution carry-over

Die Casting Industry: utilizing walking beam and power and free methods of parts transfer

Automotive industry: cleaning everything from small spark plugs to large engine blocks

Consumer Products industry: rebuilding and prototyping to save time and money on production

Municipalities: fabricating new components for transportation vehicles and road equipment

Walsh Manufacturing is a Cleveland, Ohio-based manufacturing company with five decades of experience in machine design and metal fabrication. Over this time, we’ve built a reputation as a diversified manufacturer of machined components, subassemblies, alloy material, fabricated steel and machinery. If you’re looking for a cost-competitive, innovative, and reliable supplier with expertise in Parts Washing Systems, Automation Equipment, Metal Fabrication and Machinery Rebuilding, look no farther than Walsh Manufacturing.