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Walsh Manufacturing: Manufacturing In the Trenches

Being in the manufacturing business for fifty years, Walsh Manufacturing has plenty of experience working with consumers one-on-one to create metal fabrication solutions. Calling on five decades of experience, our work might include the redesign of a current machine, making improvements to an existing system, or looking at processes to create changes and cut expenses. All of these elements involve a key unifier, the drive to create solutions through problem solving and research and development.

For some manufacturing companies, problem solving is a foundational element and considered business as usual. For others, the innovation process is viewed as something that is costly and only employed when necessary. These are two very different viewpoints, but it should come as no surprise Walsh Manufacturing always falls on the side of problem solving and process improvement. A new non-refundable tax credit announced in December that goes against the Commercial Activity Act (CAT) could be a way to make continuous R&D more appealing to more Ohio manufacturers. Continue Reading »

The Manufacturing Training Equation

Education is a very important element to the inner workings of Walsh Manufacturing. It’s something we practice from an inside-outside approach. Each project Walsh takes on includes a number of educational elements, all involving the potential for research to find out why an application does or does not work or a problem-solving approach to figure out the best way to do something. From an outside-inside angle, Walsh Manufacturing applies these same ideas when learning from their customers and also providing an educational element when it comes to learning about and working with newly built applications. Continue Reading »

Collective Efforts to Boost Regional Manufacturing

A new initiative to mend the skills gap, increase the prevalence of job training, and introduce the use of new manufacturing technologies began at the end of 2015. The December bonus arrived in the form of a $6.8 million grant received by The Ohio State University Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME). The funding will help create a new model for commercialization support and manufacturing companies in Ohio. The manufacturing initiative will concentrate on the central and northern areas of the state. Continue Reading »

Continuing Signs of Reinvention and Rejuvenation within the Industry

Walsh Manufacturing, an Ohio-based manufacturer, has always taken a creative approach to problem solving. This is also becoming more common in the industry as a whole. Over the last couple of quarters, the industry is demonstrating its own levels of continued advancement. These initiatives include collective problem solving coupled with significant investments in automation, advanced equipment and robotics. These additions allow manufacturers within the industry to improve efficiency including changing parts and reducing the number of set-ups. Continue Reading »

Ohio: A State of Manufacturing Excellence

Walsh Manufacturing is an Ohio-based manufacturer with a reputation for innovative ideas and competitive prices. For more than 50 years, we’ve combined problem solving and years of collective manufacturing knowledge to create cost-effective manufacturing solutions for parts washing systems, automation equipment, machinery rebuilding and metal fabrication for customers located throughout the nation. Continue Reading »