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Walsh Manufacturing: Manufacturing In the Trenches

Being in the manufacturing business for fifty years, Walsh Manufacturing has plenty of experience working with consumers one-on-one to create metal fabrication solutions. Calling on five decades of experience, our work might include the redesign of a current machine, making improvements to an existing system, or looking at processes to create changes and cut expenses. All of these elements involve a key unifier, the drive to create solutions through problem solving and research and development.

For some manufacturing companies, problem solving is a foundational element and considered business as usual. For others, the innovation process is viewed as something that is costly and only employed when necessary. These are two very different viewpoints, but it should come as no surprise Walsh Manufacturing always falls on the side of problem solving and process improvement. A new non-refundable tax credit announced in December that goes against the Commercial Activity Act (CAT) could be a way to make continuous R&D more appealing to more Ohio manufacturers. Continue Reading »

The Collision of Manufacturing and Service

For months, there’s been great speculation regarding if the manufacturing industry is or is not thriving. According to the November ISM Index, which tracks the “temperature,” the industry recorded another decrease for the month. This is the fourth consecutive month that’s seen a decrease. Since the beginning of the Great Recession, manufacturers and industry pundits continue to make changes including the addition of jobs, innovations and increased emphasis on new technologies. Despite these efforts, some industry analysts are questioning if a recession could be around the corner. Continue Reading »

Finding the Benefits of Automation

Unfortunately, most of us know when something isn’t working. The presence of an incongruence or failure may appear in a number of ways throughout a company. Through automation, Walsh Manufacturing can help customers solve issues resulting from employee stress and tension, process bottlenecks, rising costs, and lowered production. In each or any of these cases, automation equipment has the ability to create a quick solution when your business is most in need. Continue Reading »

Could your Machinery Benefit from a Retool, Refurbish or Rebuild?

New versus old. Both have advantages but a growing number of customers now find good cause to make an investment in existing equipment. Reasons for considering a machinery rebuild are typically as specialized as the original reason for the purchase. Whether the intent was to decrease downtime or increase production, no one wants to make an equipment investment that could need replacement in a couple of seasons. With every purchase of quality equipment and the performance of proper care and maintenance, the buyer assumes the piece of equipment should have a long life span. Unfortunately, there are times when machinery fails earlier than expected or requires upgrading, reconditioning or re-purposing to remain useful to the organization. Continue Reading »