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Finding the Benefits of Automation

Unfortunately, most of us know when something isn’t working. The presence of an incongruence or failure may appear in a number of ways throughout a company. Through automation, Walsh Manufacturing can help customers solve issues resulting from employee stress and tension, process bottlenecks, rising costs, and lowered production. In each or any of these cases, automation equipment has the ability to create a quick solution when your business is most in need. Continue Reading »

Could your Machinery Benefit from a Retool, Refurbish or Rebuild?

New versus old. Both have advantages but a growing number of customers now find good cause to make an investment in existing equipment. Reasons for considering a machinery rebuild are typically as specialized as the original reason for the purchase. Whether the intent was to decrease downtime or increase production, no one wants to make an equipment investment that could need replacement in a couple of seasons. With every purchase of quality equipment and the performance of proper care and maintenance, the buyer assumes the piece of equipment should have a long life span. Unfortunately, there are times when machinery fails earlier than expected or requires upgrading, reconditioning or re-purposing to remain useful to the organization. Continue Reading »

Continuing Signs of Reinvention and Rejuvenation within the Industry

Walsh Manufacturing, an Ohio-based manufacturer, has always taken a creative approach to problem solving. This is also becoming more common in the industry as a whole. Over the last couple of quarters, the industry is demonstrating its own levels of continued advancement. These initiatives include collective problem solving coupled with significant investments in automation, advanced equipment and robotics. These additions allow manufacturers within the industry to improve efficiency including changing parts and reducing the number of set-ups. Continue Reading »

Ohio: A State of Manufacturing Excellence

Walsh Manufacturing is an Ohio-based manufacturer with a reputation for innovative ideas and competitive prices. For more than 50 years, we’ve combined problem solving and years of collective manufacturing knowledge to create cost-effective manufacturing solutions for parts washing systems, automation equipment, machinery rebuilding and metal fabrication for customers located throughout the nation. Continue Reading »

How Play and Exploration Bridge the Engineering Gap

As we enter into the summer months, parents around the nation are collectively wringing their hands, wondering what to do with their children over the coming months. Could this time off result in the loss of precious earned skills? Often many look to summer camps for children to learn a new skill such as building rockets or robots to keep the brain sharp during the lazy days of summer.

Sounds fun, right? The best part of all may be that the fun includes a critical level of learning that comes all the more easily because of the relaxed and fun nature of the work. Though often overlooked, it turns out that elements of creativity, storytelling and design have close links to the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) classwork that so many children profess to want nothing to do with. Continue Reading »